Titus Andronicus

University Parks, 23-26 May, 6.30, £3

Decadent England; the turn of the century. The empire is challenged as the ruler dies, and the search for a new monarch has begun. The country calls for the war hero, General Titus Andronicus, to take charge upon his return, but he steps aside for Prince Saturninus. Titus has brought back Queen Tamora (who Saturninus takes for his wife), her sons Chiron and Demetrius, and her lover Aaron as his prisoners of war. As Titus and Tamora become locked in a aggressive game of revenge, the country (and the world we're witnessing) seems to fall apart, descending into a violent, messy end. Portrayed through physical theatre, in a stylised world where the Roman empire never left Britain.


Twelfth Night

Christchurch Cathedral Gardens, 23-26 May, 7.00, £8/£5

In the garden of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland Shakespeare's Viola and Sebastian will make their way through Illyria... This classic tale of love and confusion will be set in 1960s England when the last vestiges of Britain's old aristocratic order were starting to crumble in the face of liberalism. Olivia and Orsino's world of country house gardens, which the Cathedral Garden provides the ideal setting for, unravels both from within and without: the arrival of the two foreign twins with a lust for love overpowers established notions of propriety. In one of Oxford's most romantic and historic locations love will overcome obstructive conservatism as well as class and gender boundaries.


Love's Labours Lost

Christchurch Cathedral Gardens, 30 May-2 June, 7.30, £8/£5

'O, these are barren tasks, too hard to keep: Not to see ladies, study, fast, not sleep.' Oxford, 1919. Four courtly scholars, led by the King of Navarre, swear to shun revelry and women for three years in pursuit of uninterrupted study. As chance would have it, the arrival of the Princess of France and her three Ladies looks set to ruin their plans. Cue much ridicule, sexualised verbal wit and Russian disguise in what promises to be a vivid and exciting rendition of Shakespeare's 'most Shakespearean' comedy. This production is brought to you by the award-winning Rough-Hewn theatre company, in conjunction with OUDS.


Unsex Me Here

Blackwell's Bookshop, 29 May, £4

Four actresses voice Shakespeare's women and the responses they have provoked in this one-off performance. Travelling from Juliet to George Eliot, from Gertrude to Sandra Gubar, the cast will explore the critical and political battleground of Shakespeare's women. Set in Blackwells impressive Norrington room, this fast paced, energetic performance piece will focus on how Shakespeare wrote women and how these women have been read, voiced and answered.

Booking: Buy tickets in store at Blackwells

The Comedy of Errors

Oxford Castle, 3 June, 4.00, FREE

Oxford University's actors take on a Shakespearean challenge; to rehearse and perform The Comedy of Errors in 24 hours flat. With a cast made up of students in their last year, this is a chance to see some of Oxford's finest actors tread the boards here for the last time, directed by this year's president of the Oxford University Dramatic Society. All as part of OxFringe's Jubilee event.

Booking: No booking required, but please come early to ensure a seat